Light and Deafness

The Australian Conservative Government has already announced that it is to make incandescent bulbs (the old fashioned type bulb) illegal. A National Assembly Government wouldn't have the right to follow Australia's example, but the Welsh Conservatives have announced a policy that follows the same path, by offering to swap incandescent bulbs for low energy versions.

This Conservative policy in Wales and Australia is welcome, as is any practical policy towards tackling global warming. But, I have a personal difficulty arising from the policy.

I am extremely hard of hearing; I use a loop system to hear my television, radio and phone. Low energy light bulbs make a buzz on the loop that makes it impossible to use. My doorbell, my fire alarm, my telephone ringer and my alarm clock all make the lights in my house flash, but not if I use low energy light bulbs.

In welcoming any policy that helps reduce global warming, I would like to have an assurance from those who promote the use of low energy light bulbs that they are also encouraging research that will ensure that deaf and hard of hearing people will not be deprived of a full and safe life as incandescent bulbs are fazed out.

Cymraeg Hen Rech Flin: Goleuni a byddardod

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