Obscure Welsh Tory MPs

There is rather an odd post on the Aberconwy Conservative's blog in which a poster criticises Carwyn Jones AM for wasting his time reading the web site of the Cornerstone group. Apart from the fact that the Tories in Conwy shouldn't attempt to censor what Mr Jones reads in his own spare time, the attitude of the post's author to the Cornerstone group is quite revealing.

The author seems to suggest that Cornerstone is an unimportant grouping of relative nobodies in the Tory party; that it is a bit nutty (insane even) and that it's extreme right wing policies are an irrelevance to current conservative thinking. The group is hardly mainstream we are told and an obscure right wing think tank.

What the author doesn't tell us (perhaps s/he doesn't know) is that two of the three current Welsh Conservative MPs David Davies and David Jones are members of the Cornerstone group. So the Welsh Conservative group in Westminster is nutty, irrelevant, insane, hardly mainstream and obscure - not my opinion, but the opinion of Aberconwy Conservatives!


  1. David Jones is not currently a member of Cornerstone - see the Western Mail and his blog.

  2. Then you should let Edward Leigh know, because he still has you name amongst the list of members on the Cornerstone blog.