New Welsh Poll on Friday?

YouGov has sent out invitations to panel members to take part in the second of its series of Welsh political opinion polls.

The last poll invitation was sent out on the 22nd October and the results published five days latter. If the current poll follows the same pattern then this result should be out on Friday. It will be interesting to see what, if any, changes there have been over the past month.

Any body wishing to join YouGov and possibly be selected for the next Welsh panel can do so by clicking THIS LINK


  1. Just completed it. Short but sweet, with a few questions about further law-making powers for the assembly and who I'd want to be Labour leader after Rhodri Morgan.

  2. The YouGov Welsh panel is here: http://walesview.yougov.com/

  3. Anonymous said.

    The YouGov Welsh panel is here: http://walesview.yougov.com/

    No it's not! Your URL is for a panel that gives a view on Welsh TV programs.

    Members of the WalesView panel are not invited to take part in the Wales political survey, or any other survey, unless they are also members of the general YouGov pannel