For Daran

Daran Hill, discussing the appointment of the MP for Chesham and Amersham as secretary of State for Wales, says on another blog:

Were she, or any other MP from an English seat, to be appointed to the Secretary of State’s role then things would change. The first line of attack from across the rest of the political spectrum label her appointment an “insult to Wales.” The clips of John Redwood mouthing along to Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau would be back on our screens before you could say “Gwlad”. Or even “Brad”. We would be catapulted as a nation back to the politics of 15 years ago.

Happy to oblige Daran, her appointment IS an insult to Wales, and here is Mr Redwood:


  1. not sure where Daran is coming from on the taking us back 15 years point, the Welsh Assembly and wider Welsh politics soundtrack continues to be a variation of the nasty Tories in the 1980's, so it would hardly be a change.

  2. In the interests of balance, here's the true face of Plaid:


  3. It is am insult he has 11 resident MPs , both blue and yellow to chose from , whats Cameron afriad of?

  4. You should try to keep up to date Anon, Cllr Seimon Glyn is not a member of Plaid, he is a member of Llais Gwynedd. And a week after the three London parties have fought an election campaign largely on the issue of the resentment of immigrants, it is a bit rich for you to condemn Cllr Glyn's views on immigration.

  5. I agree Mam, when one considers that four of the Conservative MPs have also served in the Assembly, surely one of them must be a better option than a person who didn't even know that Carwyn Jones is FM a couple of weeks ago.