No way to run a poll

I have just received a "notice of poll" card from Conwy Council regarding the upcoming referendum on powers for the Assembly. The 3rd of March is the official date of the poll, but those who are entitled to postal votes can, of course, vote earlier than that. The council tells me to expect my ballot papers from Wednesday February 16.

According to a letter I received from the Electoral Commission, the Commission will decide if it will endorse official referendum campaigns by February 6th. So if there is to be an official campaign it could run for just ten days before the first votes are cast; hardly sufficient time for a practical campaign by either side.

One of the things that is becoming increasingly clear is that the existing legal procedure for referendums in Great Britain is a complete farce.

I see that Jessica Morden MP is calling for the referendum on the alternative vote to be postponed. I would encourage anyone who is interested in the subject, whether for or against, to support Ms Mordens call, so that lessons can be learned from this farce of a referendum in Wales before holding any other referendum under the same ridiculous procedure.

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