Tory Brain on Strike?

Perhaps I am a bit thick, but I have difficulty in understanding the argument that the Tories are making ad nausium against today's strike.

Apparently the unions are irresponsible for conducting a strike while negotiations are ongoing!

Isn't the time that negotiations are omgoing the best time to protest and express strength of feeling?

Wouldn't strike action, protest, complaint etc be rather redundant after negotiations ended, after coming to agreement or after a decision is made?


  1. Cameron condemned the strikers for not negotiating, yet his main man refused to negotiate NOT the strikers. 'I see no ships' Cameron also suggested 2 million who took part were of no consequence, let us see if that is still his view if they ramp up the stoppages.... Unlike Thatcher Cameron hasn't the oil fields to revert to if he wants to prolong his attacks on democracy. He will find his worst nightmare a reality...

  2. These strikes only show the weakness of the union. They know their members haven't got the bottle for more than the occasional day off and now Cameron knows it as well. Boneheads.

    The civil service unions defenders of democracy, you're having a laugh. At least Cameron stood for election. Why the low paid folk in the private sector ie most care workers should be expected to pay through the nose for folk with work and pension conditions they can only dream of, well I'm speechless.

  3. Not entirely speechless unfortunately :)