Vote PC and MK to kick the SNP 's Arse!

YouGov, Ashcroft and other polling companies are predicting that most, if not all, Scottish seats will be won by the SNP in the next Westminster General Election, well done the SNP!

Welsh Nationalists and Cornish Nationalists are expected to applaud this advance, but I wonder if we should do unquestionably? Because the SNP has proved, on many occasions, to be a very selfish party, it expects Celtic support, but very rarely offers it.

Every time I see Leanne Wood and Dick Cole on TV or hear them on the radio they mention Scotland's right to self determination, but it is rarely reciprocated by SNP reps!

If the SNP was to hold the balance of power in the next UK Parliament would it insist on a Cornish Assembly as part of the deal or enhanced powers for the National Assembly of Wales? I doubt it.

The only way that Wales and Cornwall can ensure that our needs are met is by ensuring that there are enough PC and MK members of parliament in the wider nationalist group to remind the SNP that they are NOT just there in Scotland's interest!

To a certain extent the worst possible scenario for Wales and Cornwall is one where our needs are sidelined by a Westminster obsessed with Scotland, whilst the SNP forget that Wales and Cornwall exist! The only answer is to make sure that there are enough Plaid and MK MP's there to remind the SNP that there are other interests at stake!


  1. Good point ,... and I'm not hearing Green MP telling people to vote Plaid either!

  2. At every Westminster election the taunt from opponents has been voting PC will let the Tories in or is a wasted vote, Plaid Cymru has been gifted a concrete reason to put in front of the electorate for a Westminster election and I hardly hear it.

    The message from every party spokesperson should be ‘with the SNP have riding high in the polls and on course to get a significant number of MP’s, Wales needs follow suit and send the maximum number of PC MP’s to Westminster so we can to leverage the best deal for Wales’

    Talking of friendly fire Laura McAllister ends her latest piece on the party with this

    ‘If Plaid is to emerge from the dark, it will need three things: influence, clear desire to win power and a decisive strategy. To do that, it requires a better profile in south Wales, and an internal acceptance that being a political party is all about winning power and using it effectively.’

    Will they listen? http://theconversation.com/can-welsh-nationalist-party-plaid-cymru-turn-its-fortunes-around-36743

  3. I think that an SNP spokesperson said that they would help other parts of the UK if it was to the benefit of Scotland. PC should have their own good policies for Wales, not just be a very minor cheer leader for the SNP.

    1. Perhaps it was badly made, but that is exactly the point that I was trying to make!