The Land of my Mothers

Like many Welsh Nationalists I am not Pure Welsh. My family tree contains many non-Welsh names such as Purcell, Smallman, Crump etc. From a genealogical point of view I am probably as much an Englishman as I am a Welshman. My place as a little cog in the World's mechanism is, however, undoubtedly a Welsh one.

Because of the family tree and other connections I am very fond of England, and feel more miserable than usual when I hear some Welsh Nationalists slagging of the Land of my Mothers.

I support independence for England; I support the right of England to play its part as one of the free nations of the world without being shackled to Wales and Scotland.

The argument that Welsh Nationalists are anti-English should be nailed on the head. The anti-English are the same people who are anti-Welsh they are the Unionists who oppose freedom for both Wales and England

Hen Rech Flin: Hen Wlad Fy Mamau

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