Plaid Cymru Conference not on TV

The party conference season starts today with Plaid's annual shindig in Llandudno.

As usual, the London Parties conferences will be given wall to wall coverage on TV, but this year there will be even less coverage of the Plaid Conference than usual.

On BBC 2W and BBC Parliament (Sky 504) there is live coverage today between 1:45 and 2:45, and the same two hour slot tomorrow. There is a conference special edition of Waterfront on ITV1 Wales at 11:30 pm tonight.

There is no coverage at all of Saturday or Sunday's proceedings at the Conference (Saturday is usually the most important conference day), and for the first time that I recall since the channels inception there doesn't appear to be any coverage at all on S4C.


  1. probably not on S4C on Saturday because of the rugby, what about S4C2 isn't that covering the conference, I thought part of its remit was covering Welsh Politics?

  2. never seen it actually live