A dedicated candidate

It may be November 1st, it may be next spring, it might not happen for another year or two, but all party candidates have to behave as if an election is imminent by doing now what all candidates have to do.

Many candidates have started leafleting, attending local bring and buys etc, but can any other candidate rival Glyn Davies' dedication? Not only is Glyn leafleting and pressing the flesh in order to enhance his chances should an election be called soon, he has also started getting practice in for that time honoured candidate's activity of kissing the baby. That's dedication for you!

Llongyfarchiadau mawr Taid!
(And Nain and Dad and, especially, the new Mam of course)


  1. Oh well a couple more years of Lembit's shenannigans to enjoy. The snot-guzzling, working-poor over-taxing ditherer has chickened-out of an early election.

  2. you mean David Cameroons slipped into number 10 woooooooo clever twerpie

  3. I keep telling you, we need him (Glyn) to come over to Plaid. I don't know why he hesitates......??

  4. And I have to keep on reminding Alan that I am of centre/right persuasion with a deep seated suspicion of the over-mighty state and the misguided notion that the public sector is the only way to resolve society's ills. Plaid Cymru proclaims itself to be a 'socialist' party - which is about as far from my politics as it is possible to be!