I am suffering major internet connection problems at the moment. Apparently my former ISP has given me the wrong MAC code, which is making it difficult for my new ISP to connect me to broadband. Whilst awaiting a resolution to this problem my only home internet access is through an extortionately expensive pay as you go service (6p per minute!!!).

So posts will be few and far between until this problem is resolved. I hope that the problem is solved soon and that my readers don't suffer too many withdrawal symptoms by being deprived of a regular dose of my pearls of wisdom


  1. And there was me thinking you'd won the lottery and moved to Honalulu ;)

  2. hey MOF it should take 10mins to sort. I had the same problem and after much hoo ha and my threats not to go through with the transfer - it was all sorted in the flick of a switch .hassle them

  3. Thanks Mam, they will be hasseled - as soon as I get back from Honalulu!

  4. Now i am Jelous
    mam writing from Rotherham!