Bah! humbug!

I have decided to wish all who know me season's greetings on my blog, because I won't be sending Christmas cards to family and friends this year.

It's got sod all to do with environmental concerns or political correctness. I just can't be bothered writing them and I'm too tight fisted to spend money on stamps to post them!

I will be using all the money saved from not sending cards for the good cause of supporting local business ventures. Most notably by endeavouring to keep my local pub in business - a very worthy cause!

Nadolig LLawen Blogwyr Cymru!


  1. Charity begins at home - and a pub is a home away from home. Liking it. :) Merry Xmas!

  2. Talycafn, by any chance?

  3. Cheers alwyn enjoy a good nadolig a cwru ( trying out my basic welsh)

  4. Certainly live up to your blog title.