Brown Doomed

It's not name dropping or pretending that we are bosom pals, but I have been a nodding acquaintance of Peter Hain's for over 30 years, since we were both members of the Young Liberals in the 1970s. (When my sister had a poster of Donny Osmond on her bedroom wall I had a poster of Peter Hain on mine !!!! )

Political differences apart, Peter has always stuck me as a genuinely honest person. Since he was fitted up on a false charge of robbing a bank Peter has known that you don't just need to be honest in public life, but you have to be able to prove that you are honest too. Therefore, if Peter Hain says that not registering a donation to his deputy leadership campaign was a genuine oversight caused by an administrative error then I believe him 150% without any margin for doubt.

I have never met Paul Flynn MP, and I have never had any dealings with him. However, from what I have seen of him on TV, heard of him on the radio, read about him in the press and read by him on his blog, he has always struck me as a genuine sort of man who tends to put truth, conviction and his constituents before petty party political point scoring.

The downfall of the Conservative party in the late 1990's came about when those who we had always suspected of being smarmy, dirty dealing bastards were caught out. The fact that, now, the good guys like Hain are caught in the cross fire of sleaze accusations and solid blokes like Flynn feel the need to spin the truth, make me feel that Gordon Brown's premiership is in a much, much more disastrous position now than John Major's ever was.


  1. Funny thing Alwyn, I also have know Peter Hain for around 12 years and although I see him as a sharp cookie and a very smooth operator, I agree, he isnt a dishonest man.
    It is a shame that all this keeps coming up.I am sure all parties have the same problems with donations and such.How many local groups I wonder take money and do not account for it as they should.
    I am also very sure that the brown envelope syndrome still exists.
    I have no worry about who gives what to whom, its the reason behind it that concerns me. If they are doing it for personal gain and are hiding that - then thats where we need to hit.

  2. Good post alwyn. I dont know if the situation is quite as bad but i certainly see it getting worse before it gets better. Like with Major, Brown is up against a younger and smoother opperator. It doesnt bode well for him or those around him, including the honest politicians.

  3. Nice to see you being charitable towards your old 'hero' Alwyn. For that is what it is..being charitable and I would find it commendable were it not that it would give the greasy slimeball succour
    If Hain thinks that the people are fooled by his pitiful 'administrative error' excuses then he is mistaken.
    No Ifs No Buts. Rules have been broken. The proles don't get a chance why should this smarmbag.
    He should resign.

  4. I have to agree with the sentiments expressed in the last comment. There is no excuse, and if politicians are ignorant of the rules they should do their homework beforehand. The jails are overcrowded with those who thought that they could get away with it.