Lost in translation #2

When I wrote about the need for a better Welsh Language computer translations service last week, I thought that such a service was needed for researchers, family historians and learners. It appears that I may have missed out a section of the community that desperately needs such a service. The anti-Welsh bigots who want to discredit the language by painting false nationalist graffiti!

As a number of bloggers have pointed out the Cai Maes Sais graffiti was produced by the piss poor translation service.

Others have already dealt with the issue (see some links below)

But I think that blogs should provide a community service, so for the sake of anti-Welsh graffiti artists posing as nationalists here is some guidance:

North of Dyfi Bridge use Saeson Allan
South of Dyfi Bridge use Saeson Mas
alternatively use the generic Twll Din Pob Sais throughout Wales.

On the other hand just grow up and accept that linguistic diversity is one of the treasures of humanity and something that should be valued by all.

Further comments:
James; Cynical dragon; The Secret Person; Hen Ferchetan; Rhys Wynne

Can we expect any apologies from the papers / broadcasters who peddled this rubbish?

No. I though not!


  1. The anti-Welsh bigots who want to discredit the language by painting false nationalist graffiti!

    don't you mean the Labour Party, MOF :)

  2. Good grief, how pathtic of the anon, and MOF, putting around such sad and narrow minded accusitions about who did that graffiti. It is so paraniod it's laughable. The logical anwser is that either it was done by Welsh nationalist bigots, or it was done by someone whom has a grudge against her and wanted to make it look like it was done by biggoted nationalists.

  3. No red flag and dragon - Welsh nationalist bigots who want to paint graffiti, don't need to use computer generated translations to know how to write English Out in Welsh - they learn how to do this during the first lessons in Welsh nationalist bigot training.

  4. Red Flag your comment speaks volumes about your party's touchiness towards the Welsh language. No surprise that any Labour blogger hasn't posted on the subject i wonder why?

  5. Probably because it is pointless to post on something which is clearly a fued between her and someone else.

    There are far more important things to blog on then garffti. MOF, I was being a bit scarcstic with saying it was done by nationalist biggots, was trying to make more of the point that it is unlikely to have been done for any politically motivated reasons (be it the conspiracy theory that the anaon seems to believe, or nationalists) and probably is just some personal vendetta.

    Anon, your comments speak volumes about how paraniod the nationalists are.

  6. garffti?

    You're not using online translators are you RF&D?