Mrs Clinton stopped my Blog!

I apologise, yet again, for a blogging hiatus. Hilary Clinton is to blame. A few years ago Mrs C started a populist campaign against violent console games - in particular the Grand Theft Auto series. Needing to know, before either agreeing or disagreeing with Mrs Clinton's point of view I bought GTA San Andreas, for the sake of political research, but ended up thoroughly enjoying the game (despite agreeing with all of Mrs Clinton's condemnations)!

I was given a copy of GTA IV a couple of weeks ago and I have spent all my potential blogging hours shooting cops, completing missions, courting whores, avoiding stars and doing all sorts of other evil things other than blogging - shameful behaviour! But if Mrs C hadn't made me aware of this sort of despicable game ......


  1. Really addictive aren't they:)

  2. Hi all,
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  3. Over two weeks missing and that silly story...

    I think you've been off with James, studying the Totus Followers...

  4. Oh, yes, and what was poor Mrs Curmudgeon doing while you were supposedly playing on the computer?

    Shame on you!

  5. Oh! Fran you ask too much!

    Mrs MOF and I enjoy a bit of GTA together - don't mention this to the Methodist Church authorities though - they won't approve!

    They might even kick us out of the church and leave us no choice but to find guidance in the Totus faith. (If this happens it may be registered in the 2011 cenSus)