Happy St George's Day

To my Canadian, Cappadocian, Catalan, Ethiopian, Lithuanian, Georgian, German, Greek, Maltese, Palestinian, and Portuguese readers and friends.

To all from Appignano del Tronto, Carpeneto, Cerreto, Grue, Ferrara, Genoa, Hone, Modica Sicily, Arcole, Nerola, Riano and Venice in Italy.

To those from Aragon in Spain, Beirut in the Lebanon, Constantinople / Istanbul in Turkey, Moscow in Russia, Ptuj in Slovenia, Amersfoort in the Netherlands, and Senjin Croatia.

To the shepherds, butchers, farmers and agricultural workers; crusaders, armourers and equestrians; Boy Scouts, archers, soldiers and knights.

To those who suffer from herpes, leprosy, the plague, skin diseases, rashes and syphilis and all the others that St George represents

But most of all to all my English friends and readers:

Have a Very Good Saint George's Day!


  1. St George patron saint of sufferers of herpes syphilis and boy scouts. Have the child protection authorities been informed?

  2. I am in Canada, born and raised here almost 50 years ago, never once heard of St. George Day, so it is not a Canadian Holiday.