Bottling it

On my travels recently I stopped in a small shop and bought a bottle of water. Make the most of it the shopkeeper said as I paid for my bottle, the politicians will be banning bottled water soon. Interesting to see a political debate that is going on in Australia resonating in rural north Wales.

However, the shopkeeper is probably right. This does seem to be the sort of issue that would appeal to the Assembly. Indeed Penri James suggests that one leading Liberal Democrat in Ceredigion is already advocating the cause, despite the fact that the county has two prominent water bottling companies providing much needed private sector investment and employment in the area.

Other Welsh politicians thinking of joining this bandwagon should remember that one of the Ceredigion water companies is Tŷ Nant, probably the most recognisably Welsh brand in the world.

I can’t quite understand the environmental benefits of not bottling water. If I was unable to buy water yesterday I would have bought a bottle of fizzy pop instead. As far as I can tell a plastic cola bottle is just as bad for the environment as a plastic water bottle!

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