Dog Days

With our friends in Westminster and the Bay on holiday / working hard in their constituencies and all the politics programmes off air for at least the next two months, what is left to discuss on the blogs during the silly season?

There is always the weather:
NHS blog doctor has come to north Wales to take the air, but the rain dosn’t seem to be doing much for his health. Perhaps he should take a tip from the Writing Man who finds that nothing beats the rain like a good old Welsh singsong.

If we want a laugh we can always pop over to Iain Dale’s post about the sheep that invaded his garden and enjoy all the Welsh sheep shagging jokes in the comments sections. For those of us who can’t quite raise a belly laugh at these sort of tired old prejudices Jan Morris’ article Mocking the Welsh is the last permitted bigotry gives pause for thought.

When we Welsh aren’t discussing politics we are supposed to discuss religion. Two Welsh religious blogs of note are the Rev Richard Hall’s Connexions and Rhys Llwyd’s English blog (Welsh speaking readers will no doubt already be aware of Rhys' Welsh Language blog).

Our other delights are of course Rugby and football, which, unlike politics, no longer appear to have a closed season.

However the most important non political contentious issue can be found on Liz’s Finding Life Hard blog - The Great Toilet Roll Debate. Although I can’t take part in it because I use cut up squares from the Western Mail in the shed at the bottom of the yard. This has an advantage over toilet roll. When I change my underwear at the end of the month I often find old news stories transferred to my underpants that I had previously missed, and then I can belatedly comment on them on this blog!

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  1. I failed on the most important non political contentious issue... I was in the minority!!!