Welsh Lefties

These are 16 Welsh entries in the Total Politics top 100 left of centre awards list:

11 (59) Guerilla Welsh Fare
16 (73) Blog Menai
30 (39) Adam Price MP
31 (60) Welsh Ramblings
33 (-) Syniadau
39 (47) Cynical Dragon
48 (-) Pendroni
61 (35) Bethan Jenkins AM
62 (-) Politics Cymru
67 (-) Borthlas
68 (-) Leanne Wood AM
69 (-) Sweet & Tender Hooligan
78 (-) Gwilym Euros Roberts
82 (90) Paul Flynn MP
87 (19) Ordovicius
93 (-) Huw Lewis AM

I'm not sure that I would class them all as left wing, but what is interesting is that only two of them support Labour. Some might claim that this is further evidence of a Plaid inspired stitch up, I think that it is a sad but true reflection of Welsh Labour's internet presence.


There are 17 Welsh entries, I missed Plaid Wrecsam at 41. Sorry PW!


  1. I'm not sure that I would class them all as left wing

    Quite - I'd class some of them hangers & whipers straight from the taxi driver political tradition.

  2. C'mon, Blog Menai. Names names. I'd just love to see those writs flying. Hours of fun.

  3. Good to see Plaid recognised for what they are - rabid socialists who masquerade as alternative Tories in the rural areas.