Ukuleles, Cornflakes and Wanabe Chancellors

I know I said that I would start blogging on a regular basis again when the Referendum on new powers for the Assembly was triggered or when a General Election was imminent, but so far both campaigns have left me bored rigid, and I'm a political anorak!

If the chancellor's debate last night was a taster for the forthcoming PM's debates. I think that I will give them a miss. Four and a half hours of such sterile boring exchanges, no thanks! Perhaps Plaid, the SNP and UKIP should be grateful that they have been excluded from such a borefest!

In the absence of anything of interest on the political front I can do the the blog traditionals, by telling you what I had for breakfast or what I did last night:

Cornflakes for breakfast, and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain last night

NB Get pissed, destroy responsibly!


  1. Hi Alwyn
    Pasg Hapus
    Agree with what you say , its getting more and more difficult to get inspired to write

  2. these geezers are chancellors or prospective chancellors cannot be seen to be enigmatic or poetic or else john public wont like it, better off bank manager dull type