A pedant writes:

At least two Plaid - bloggers have made the claim that Dafydd Wigley is the first person to be elected to the House of Lords, because he won a ballot of party members in order to earn his seat.

Actually my friend and minister the Rev Lord Roberts of Llandudno was elected to a list of prospective Lib Dem Lords by party members some 8 or so years ago.

I don't know if the Liberals still elect Lords, but there is no doubt that Roger was the first Lord chosen in this way.

However congratulations to Dafydd, Jenny and Eluned on their elevation – I hope they do Wales proud as Noble Lords; but where is the Welsh Tory Lord?

As far as I recall Syr Wyn in 1997 was the last member of the Welsh Conservative Party to be given the right to park his rump on the red benches.


  1. Can I make it clear I am not a Plaid Blogger.But I am not like the Druid either and I admit to leaning towards Plaid and am a former member. But I will criticise the party when I disagree with itn and I did write ht that Wigley

    "was possibly the only Peer with anything like a democratic mandate but it is not enough".

    I nevertheless accept your knowledge of Roger Roberts but if is so. Why was the Plaid Ballot used to deny Plaid's nominations by the powers that be?

  2. The Lib Dems actually announced the result of their latest ballot for Lords last Saturday - http://www.libdemvoice.org/more-results-party-committees-and-interim-peers-panel-22062.html They have a ballot every two years. Of the 15 Lib Dem peers announced yesterday five were elected onto the list (the Leader has discretion to add others and ex-MPs, ex-AMs, ex-MLAs and ex-MSPs are automatically considered). Dee Doocey was on the 2006 list, Jonathan Marks, Monroe Palmer and Ben Stoneham were on the 2008 list, Sal Brinton is on the 2010 list.