Dafydd Elis Thomas - a National Hero!

Dafydd Elis Thomas is one of my mega heroes. I have known Dafydd since I was a 14 year old canvasser for the old Liberal Party in the February 1974 Westminster election.

After his election I use to attend every surgery DET held in Dolgellau as a Pain in the Arse Complainant barracking for the Liberal cause, but he never refused to see me!

After his re election in October 1974 Dafydd set me a challenge: Because I could oppose him for his seat in 1980, when I would have been old enough to stand, I had to be able to debate with him in Welsh.

Being a first language English speaker, if it wasn't for Dafydd El's challenge, I wouldn't be a fluent and confident Welsh speaker today!

Before the 2007 election, when the SNP became the government of Scotland, any stranger to UK devolved politics comparing Scotland and Wales, would have assumed that Wales had more independence than Scotland, despite the fact that Scotland has many more powers than Wales had, this wasn't because of Rhodri's Clear Red Water, but because Dafydd El had made himself President of Wales.

Dafydd El crowning himself as President of Wales in 1997 was as significant an event in Welsh history as Owain Glyndwr crowning himself as Prince of Wales in 1404!

I wouldn't support Dafydd's current bid for the leadership of the party, he's done his bit brilliantly and it's time for him to move on. Having said that, there is no doubt that Dafydd Elis Thomas is a national treasure and a national hero! I find the hate comments made by too many nationalist against Dafydd, very unsavoury, because if I had contributed a quarter as much as Dafydd has contributed to the National cause I would be a very, very, proud Nationalist!


  1. maen_tramgwydd14/09/2011, 16:59

    "..it's time for him to move on."

    That, I can agree with, regrettably, not to much else.

  2. Indeed, DETs work for the Wales is seemingly overlooked by members in Plaid who can't look past his liking of the Royals. It would be a backward and divisive step for him to take the leadership now, but there is certainly nothing to be gained for the party by hounding him out of town, as few have done as much as he has for the party, and for the nation.

  3. His work in establishing the Legislature against the pressure from the Executive has done much to strengthen the National Assembly. Without him Alun Michael would still be First Secretary. He has done much to build the national movement, but yes now time for him to move on.

  4. he's a nice guy- i was wearing my cymru rydd t shirt and he gave me hug and said "Up the boys!"- always good at diplomacy is he!