Why should Wales be DEPENDENT?

I am grateful to Stuart for drawing my attention to yesterday's Radio Wales Phone-in with Jason Mohammad. The first half of the programme delt with the question Should Wales become independent?

Stuart said about the programme I was struck by the fact that the debate wasn't hijacked by the usual suspects and that most people giving their views were at least open to discussing the subject. And I must say that I agree. It was a breath of fresh air to hear a programme about the issue of Welsh self determination where most of the contributors for both sides made sensible arguments.

The Scottish contributor a Dr Ray Donnelly, who was described as an expert on Scottish independence was the only contributor who took the debate into the realms of stupidity both by trying to flirt with Helen Mary on air and by making nonsensical comments such as "the Scots will have to eat porridge with whisky for breakfast if Scotland becomes independent". I may not agree with it, but the retention of the UK is a legitimate political position to hold – surely its proponents deserve better exponents of their cause than this!

The contribution that stood out for me was one that came from Catrin in Aberdare How about turning the question around, Jase, Should Wales be dependent I'm at a loss to see why anyone would say that Wales has done well out of being dependent on the UK". Quite right Catrin!

Perhaps those of us who support the national cause should stop trying to justify Independence and start asking the others why they want Wales to remain Dependent?


  1. Duncan Higgitt13/09/2011, 08:02

    Good to hear. I went on the programme earlier this year, to talk about hate preacher Terry Jones' invite from the EDL to speak in the UK. I was completely taken aback as caller after caller trotted out the usual Daily Mail tripe about how "they're taking over". I lost a bit of faith then, so this is encouraging and totally agree with Catrin - that's how we should be changing the debate.

  2. Worth reading a related article on the new-look Independent Wales website:


  3. Wow, I never realised I could type so eloquently. :)

    It is a potential game changer though. Switching the argument back on the unionists and the only arguments really are the same tired old nonsense statements about being too poor or too thick.

    Ducan, I work with a few of those people who also jump into a faux rage about muslims, asylum seekers, benefits fidders etc

    99% of the time the story is not even in Wales, so why do they worry about it?

  4. If Jason was the host of the programme that you describe he deserves a medal, Duncan!

  5. It has been very noticeable that since May, especially in Scotland, the onus has suddenly been dumped squarely on to the unionists to actually come up with some real arguments why the union is worth saving. And so far, they have signally failed co come up with anything other than "it is worth saving BECAUSE IT IS!". We need to exploit that weakness more in Wales.

    I too was impressed with the program - there must have been some rigorous call screening to keep out the usual UnionJackists.

    And the comic tartan uncle tom must have been hand picked by the producer with a view to providing a few laughs!