Not spluttering, not bovvered Glyn

Glyn can hear Alwyn and Alun spluttering . I don't know about Alun, but Alwyn doesn't splutter, Alwyn is a gentleman and gents don't do spluttering!

Why should I splutter? Because Glyn thinks that a referendum on additional powers for the Assembly should be delayed until 2015 and Glyn is going to tell Sir Wyn so!

I am not that bothered about the referendum. Because anybody who has read the Government of Wales Act (2006) should know that the referendum is a delaying tactic rather than a means of enabling Wales to have further powers.

The powers that the Government of Wales Act Referendum will give the Assembly are already available through LCO's, and will continue to be available if a referendum is held and lost tomorrow!

All that a yes vote in a referendum will do is make the system simpler.

A Yes vote won't give the Assembly further potential powers than it has now, a No vote won't stop the Assembly from gaining those powers. Rather than splutter at Glyn's 2015 proposal, or Hain's 2012 idea or UKIP's 2999 referendum date, my attitude is hold this waste of public expenditure referendum at your leisure, the result will be just clerical not constitutional.

The GoW Act is a statutory pissing competition - who gets pissed off with the convoluted system first; Westminster or Cardiff Bay? I suspect that London will lose in the end, but surely all will agree that the governance of our country (be it Wales or Britain) should be based on higher ideals than puerility!

Of course, I do have a problem with Plaid's attitude to the referendum. Adam Price has said that after the referendum is won Plaid will, at long last, accept that the next stage in the evolution of devolution will be campaigning for independence.

Why wait?

The 2006 GoW Act is on the statute book, all the powers are there for the asking, the referendum is an irrelevance, a delaying tactic, a clerical nuisance!



  1. Congrats for the uplifting pro-independence Blog!

    While your talking about that subject, could you please comment about the Segolene Royal affair at Harvard regarding her reported support for the independence of the US territory of Porto Rico?



    If she can say this about Porto Rico, she may consider saying the same about Wales, right!?


  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Unfortunately my knowledge of the French language is very limited, so I am unable to understand the fr.wikipedia.org article that you link to.

    As you say If she can say this about Porto Rico, she may consider saying the same about Wales. I doubt if she will.

    Unfortunately few politicians seem to see the logical link between what they say about one country applying to others too.

    How many politicians throughout the world support Tibetan independence without seeing the same obligation for Wales, the Kurds, the Basques or many other nations within their own nation-state empires?