Pathetic Willott

With Lembit Opik the Lib Dem MP reeling from the rather unsavoury comments about his attitude to women made by his ex-fiancé Sian Lloyd the Lib Dems are desperate to hit out at his political opponents.

Opik might be a drunken, tight-fisted, shambolic show-off with hideous clothes. "But who cares", says Jenny Willott, "Glyn Davies, Opik's Tory challenger, makes jokes about Heather Mills throwing water over solicitors" - shock horror!

How pathetic, if this is the best defence of her colleague's shenanigans that Ms Willott can come up with she should give up politics. This baseless attempt at political smear shows Ms Willot in a much worse light than it does Mr Davies.


  1. Wales would be well rid of Lembit and, although I've never voted Tory in my lfe, well served by the election of Glyn.

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  3. Sorry anonymous, if you want to make serious allegations about the first minister make them on your own part of the internet where you will be held liable if they prove to be unsubstantiated.

  4. Hey Alwyn. The quotation marks in your post are placed around words that Jenny Willott did not say, as your link to the BBC handily proves. If you're going to sound off about the Lib Dems, distorting the words of a Lib Dem MP undermines your case from the start. Your response might be that the non-quotation 'captures' what the MP meant. In which case, 1) the quotation marks have no place; and 2) how do you know what she meant? Have you asked?

  5. Alwyn the info on Rhodri Morgan is 100& correct and the evidence is with all the UK and welsh press, the same press/media who destroyed Ron Davies's career
    not surprised you deleted it, they like you are unhappy to rock the cosy pact in Wales it speaks volumes about you all.

  6. Dear nonny who posted the stuff about Rhodri, maybe its true, if it is then get your own blog - it takes about 5 minutes to set up -and publish under your own name, the truth is a sure defence against any libel action that might come your way. As it is, your like me hiding behind an anonymous username and yet you expect alwyn to publish your rumours and no doubt carry the can.

    All in all your complaint says a lot more about you than it does about our miserable host.