If a member of the Green Party was on Question Time would all the questions be about environmental issues?

If a member of UKIP was on would all the questions be about Europe?

If a member of the SNP was on would all the questions be about Scottish independence?

No! There would have been questions about the economy, schools, health and all the other bread and butter issues. So why were all the questions on QT tonight geared towards the BNP agenda?

I was not opposed to Nick Griffin being a guest on the programme. Having him there I would have expected a question relating to race relations and fascism, but for the whole programme to be on just the one subject was wrong and biased, and a discredits to the BBC's claim to be impartial.

And oh! When QT comes from Llandudno next week will there be any Welsh questions asked? Probably not, on past form!


  1. I agree that this was frustrating; I was amazed that there was absolutely zero mention of the day's true big story, namely the Royal Mail strike.

    I was expecting them to attempt a normal programme discussing exactly the same sort of stuff they do every week. I guess that was doomed to fail, though, since all the other panelists would be constantly eager to get digs in on Griffin to gain easy political bonus points and the audience would want blood. So perhaps a regular agenda would only have been derailed anyway.

    I discuss the programme on my new blog here http://dylanllyr.blogspot.com/2009/10/question-time.html

  2. Ask yourself one thing, were any relevant issues that surround this country brought up?
    It was a blood bath from the word go.
    There was no mention of the postal strikes or anything other than an outright attack on Nick Griffin even the Stephen Gately question was a set up.
    The BBC and all that were involved have made a mockery of the democratic system and also established what the BNP voters already know “we don’t count” I found the whole thing very sickening and I hope people will now see what kind of people run this country, People that have zero time for any one else’s opinions and bullies.
    All in all Nick was bullied like I have never seen on British television.
    And he does have a VERY relevant point when it comes to the indigenous peoples of this land; Even Straw has been recorded saying that English are not worth saving yet that does not seem to matter.

  3. "And he does have a VERY relevant point when it comes to the indigenous peoples of this land; Even Straw has been recorded saying that English are not worth saving yet that does not seem to matter."

    haha, what the hell? The guff about Britain's "indigenous people having been here 17,000" was possibly the most retarded and the most readily falsifiable thing he said all night, which says a lot. What are you on about?

  4. Well Llandudno isn't very Welsh is it? Given the ethnic makeup of the town it would be more appropriate to ask questions about Merseyside.

  5. Exactly Dylan... The last glacial retreat took place between 11,000 & 9,000 years ago. Unless Griffin wishes to make a claim his ancestors remained here through the last Ice Age, his notions just don't stand up at all. (And to predate that Ice Age in Western Europe, he'd have to be descended from Homo neanderthalensis, rather than the Cro-Magnon populations who entered Europe via the Danubian corridor and are the principal ancestors of modern Europeans.)

    Given the mobility of Afro-Eurasian human populations any individual claims of indigenity are rather unattestable.

  6. This extreme British nationalist was made to look the idiot I thought he was, thankfully. The Brit Left censors were proved totally wrong. Hope the racists don't capitalise on the 'establishment ganging-up' thing though.

    To shift the focus, I was shocked that the anti-racist Deputy Chairman (as she describes herself) of the British (sic) Museum hadn't heard of the Celts. Apparently, before the Roman invasion, it was all Ice Age here. And the racist ignored the Anglo-Saxon invasion. Bloody foreigners! (Sorry, that's us, isn't it?) You gotta laugh at Anglo-Brit ignorance. I think we need to campaign for a Celtic Museum urgently.

  7. Of course, Britain has an 'indigenous' population. Aren't the Welsh an 'indigenous' British people? Fighting fascism is not made easier by the Left falsifying history. Griffin is a fool, but that doesn't mean we have to accept the nonsense Bonnie Greer was talking either.

    We, the Welsh, are an indigenous multi-ethnic and multicultural people! Both Griffin and Greer can get lost.

  8. David Dimbeleby as referee was terrible - biased.

    It was 'Let's kick a fascist' rather than 'let's have a reasoned debate and let the fascist hang himself'.

    glad to see Baroness Warsi acknowledge the tensions regarding imigration

    untill Jack Straw/Labour Party pull their finger out, the BNP will prosper - which is worng, as they are racist.

    one fleeting thought - why did Tony Bliar never face such a hostile audience over Iraq? (Griffin never killed no one, Blair on the other hand...

  9. It's a shame wider issues weren't discussed because the more you look at the BNP's policies the madder they get.