Congratulations Elin and Christianne

Hearty congratulations to Elin Jones AM and Dr Christianne Glossop on being awarded Farm Champion of the Year by the Farmers' Weekly magazine.

They were nominated for the award in recognition of their efforts to tackle the plague of TB in the Welsh cattle herd. In the words of one of the adjudicators:

The Welsh approach provides an ideal blueprint for TB eradication, from which the English government can learn a lot. Christianne and Elin's positive approach towards eradication rather than control is an inspiration to us all. Lyndon Edwards, RABDF

The award was presented by Westminster agriculture minister Hilary Benn, the man who should learn a lot from their positive approach. Sweet!

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  1. complete load of rubbish...badgers do not cause bovine TB

  2. "complete load of rubbish...badgers do not cause bovine TB"

    Very sadly, Anonymous, they do. Both by means of faeces and urine on grazing land and (a new discovery) by nose-to-nose contact with cattle, transferring it directly.

    One question: why are the pro-badger lobby adamantly opposed to culling infected badger populations, which would allow the healthier populations to thrive?

    Until such time as that's answered intelligently, we need people like Elin, to do the right thing even if it's controversial.

    Cue, no doubt, lots of abuse - sorry Alwyn!