Tanni for FM?

I have just completed a Welsh survey for YouGov. Amongst the predictable question about which party one would vote for and opinions about devolution there was this question:

Which one of these would you prefer to see as First Minister for Wales?
Katherine Jenkins
Tom Jones
Gavin Henson
Joe Calzaghe
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ruth Jones
Ryan Giggs
Colin Jackson
Rob Brydon
Tanni Grey-Thompson
Charlotte Church
Someone else
Don't know/ no preference

I voted for Tanni. Do you agree with my choice?

Apparently YouGov will be conducting a number of Welsh polls over the next few months, which will be analyzed by Richard Wyn Jones to see how accurate they are. The panel of those polled is made up of a weighted selection of Welsh members of YouGov. If you would like to join YouGov and be in with a chance of being selected for the Welsh panel you can do so by clicking HERE


  1. Charlotte Church, any day. Would bring an appropriate degree of class and dignity to the office.

  2. Bryn Terfel!

  3. I wouldn't mind seeing the likes of Tanni Grey-Thompson, Ryan Giggs or Joe Calzaghe as a ceremonial President of Wales, but First Minister is a different kettle of fish.

  4. What a bizarre question. I'm not Welsh but if I had a choice it would probably be Rob Brydon simply because he's a good mimic/impressionist and that might liven up a few speeches.

  5. yeah, i agree with you MOF, tanni grey thompson would bring at least some representation of disabled persons to an assembly devoid of alternatively abled. I also think Katherine Jenkins would be a reasonable choice!

  6. Ioan Gruffydd?

  7. I doubt any of these successful people could be arsed.

  8. C. Rh. Jones29/10/2009, 22:15

    I wouldn't want to see anyone one of these people running my country. They're all very good at what they do (actually, Joe, keep to the day job in future, please?), but I'd hate to see anyone of them as First Minister. Let's be honest; this poll is pointless.

  9. And what's wrong with a bit of pointless fun?

    The result of this question wasn't published by YouGov - miserable buggers!!