Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!

Yesterday morning I received a letter from the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency. The letter was sent by first class recorded delivery in a J6 bubble pack padded envelope, the package contained a copy of a letter that I had sent them and an acknowledgement that they would include my letter into the Statement of Case that the letter referred to!

The client that I am representing also received a recorded delivery copy of the same letter in the same packaging.

Eighteen quid for what could have been provided for by two 41p plain first class stamps!

Even the 82p would have been a waste of money because the Agency has no choice but to include the letter into the Statement of Case, and me and my client already knew that!

Eighteen quid might be chickenfeed in the sum of the overal national budget, but how many Bubble Packed Recorded Delivery Acknowledgement Slips does it take to build a new hospital?

When I budget for my kids birthdays or for Christmas I find that the things that make one go over budget aren't the big items like the PS3 or the new bike, but the pound-for-this-fifty pee-for-that little incidentals!

The Government should start to look after the billions of pennies wasted in this way, if it wants to save billions of pounds from the overall state budget!

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  1. Based on the proposed New Papworth Hospital estimated costs that be 9,166,666.667 Bubble Packed Recorded Delivery Acknowledgment Slips