Sesiwn Fach Dolgellau - 17+18/7/10

A message from the Sesiwn Fawr Appeal Committee

On the 17 and 18 of July, Sesiwn Fach will be held in Dolgellau.

A mixture of gigs, jamming sessions around the town's pubs - what better?!

The purpose of the festival will be to get Sesiwn Fawr back on it's feet by 2011!

The line-ups are being organized and hopefully finalised within the up and coming week.

We ask you to pass the message forewards to your friends and help bring Sesiwn Fawr's rythm and beat to the streets of Dolgellau once again!

Thank you

SFD Appeal Committee

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  1. Ah, my hometown! Sesiwn Fawr looks like it over-reached itself recently. Good to see it getting back to roots, man.