The cost of pride!

Something that may be of interest to some of my older readers (or the parents and grandparents of my younger readers). Until December 11th return train tickets from any station on the network are available for just £15 on Arriva Trains Wales to those over 55 years old.

I know this because some witch with a capita B offered me the deal for a journey to Cardiff from Llandudno on the day of my 51st birthday!

The ticket for younger people costs £54 - if I was too poor to be proud I could have gone to the capital and returned for just £15! I refused the offer!

Have I gained a conscience since that time long ago, when I use to take a bus to Barmouth as a 17 year old teenager and insisted to the driver that I was under 16 in order to get a child's fair, before insisting to the landlord of the Last Inn that I was over 18 in order to get a pint?

Am I just a proud old fool for refusing the offer of a cheaper ticket because the ticket seller thought that I look older than I am?


The cost of my train ticket for this journey will be paid by through Crown expenses, so I don't give a fiddler's how much it costs!

But there may be a shopping trip to Cardiff by a young man unlucky enough to look over 55 y.o. before December 11th!


  1. Please could you enlarge on this?
    You say "from any station in the network"
    Do you mean Arriva Wales network?
    And is that travelling to any station on the Arriva Wales network or only to selected stations?
    I ask this, because I've just paid more than £15 for a return ticket on Arriva with a senior railcard - so it must have beve been obvious that I'm over 55

  2. tell me when yer gonna be in Cardiff cus i'll get Rhodri-glyn thomas to lay a red carpet out for you when u step off the train

  3. Anon
    I don't think that Rhodri Glyn will lay out a carpet for me - he blames me for being one of the "irresponsible bloggers" who got him the sack.

    The ticket I was offered was on the Arriva Trains Wales network, but Google suggests that similar tickets are available from other service providers too. If you think that you or yours might benefit from such a scheme why not give your local station a ring, to see if it is available on the network that you use?