Ron Davies' Address to Plaid Videos

Thanks to Sanddef:

If you prefer to read rather than listen to the speech Cllr Alun Williams has a transcript on his blog.

The petty point scoring experts at Freedom Central might like to listen carefully to Ron's comment regarding the "stench of an illegal war" about 8:05 mins in video 1; I hope that this was a slip up not a prophecy!


  1. I notice the Councillor saw fit to edit Davies Iran War, poor attention to detail by the man who would govern.

  2. Well spotted - it's now been changed

  3. As someone who has taken a similar (ish) journey, I empathise with Ron's argument's. His speech seemed a bit nervous and I was glad he was measured in his criticism.

    I enjoyed his speech, his warm welcome was genuine, I will be busting a gut on the ground to get him elected.

    To me, regardless of your party stripe, Ron Davies will be an asset to Welsh democracy in the Senedd.

  4. I think Ron Davies has had his time in politics the amount of parties he has come and gone. He will never win back Caerphilly He had it before and lost it.

    I will say to Plaid Cymru don't waste any funding on his election it will be a waste of money.