Labour's (rather pathetic) Plaid Attack Site

There is little doubt that the site supposedly registered at Ieuan Wyn Jones' office address is a Labour attack site, a site designed specifically in order to enable Chris Bryant to repeat, under Parliamentary privilege, the slur that Plaid is a Tory stooge, which seems to be the Westminster Labour Party's main attack weapon against Plaid in the forthcoming Assembly Election.

Look at the evidence:

Which party gains from trying to claim that Plaid is conspiring with the ConDems in order to overthrow Labour?

Which party has a history of creating fake websites that backfire?

Who has been behind the other dodgy Labour websites and, as a member of Maes–E, loved to get up BlogMenai's nose in the political discussions on the site?

Who is the Labour staffer who would get great delight out of embroiling BlogMenai in a Labour set up?

The poster doesn't make any sense as a Plaid creation!

Plaid's number two target seat in this election is Clwyd West! Why on earth would any Plaid inspired campaign suggest voting against the party in its 2nd target seat?

This is clearly another stupid Labour Party dirty tricks set up, which like its other dirty tricks web campaigns is going to backfire. How stupid is the Labour party strategist who thought that the best way of attacking Plaid is by drawing attention to Labour's most vulnerable seats?

So if you are a Labour Supporter vote Plaid in Cardiff West, Carmarthen West, Caerphilly, Conwy and Neath – that is what your own Labour attack dog strategists seem to be asking you to do!

You might also like to vote Plaid in Cardiff North, Clwyd South, Clwyd West, The Vale of Glamorgan, Gower, Brec & Rad, Cardiff Central, Newport East and Swansea West. The Labour dirty tricks campaign clearly don't need or want you to vote Labour in these constituencies either – but why waste your vote on the ConDems?


  1. I can't see it being a Labour site Alwyn - surely Bryant wouldn't have raised if he knew it was a double scam?

  2. Not naming names but sounds like Tavid Daylor.

  3. Dewi: you have more faith in Labour politicians than I!