Move over Nick

In a comment on the Syniadau blog Welsh Agenda notes that in their recent party Election Broadcast the Conservatives featured David Cameron but there was no sign of Nick Bourne.

I received the postal election address from Janet Finch-Saunders, Aberconwy's Conservative candidate this morning. It contained the compulsory picture with Cameron, but look who seems to be standing in for Nick where you would expect to see a picture of the candidate with her Assembly leader! Paul Davies. So who will be leading the Conservatives in the Bay after May 6th?

Is there something that the Tories have forgotten to tell us?


  1. Has Nick gone to native I wonder ?

  2. That should have been "too native".

  3. Nick Bourne as a native? Now that I WOULD pay to see!

  4. Quite simple. Nobody has heard of Nick Bourne. To be honest, nobody has heard of Paul Davies either.