Send a dog turd through the letter box – Vote Labour!

I must congratulate Plaid and Uncut for his incisive description of Labour's campaign to use the Assembly election as a midterm British protest vote

Labour's headline so far has been Vote Labour to send a Message to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Essentially the political equivalent of putting a dog turd through their letterbox or ordering a pizza to be delivered to their house. Messaged delivered, now what?
A vote in the Assembly election based on Westminster issues is a wasted vote, no matter who you vote for. You might hate what the Conservatives are going to do with the Health Service in England, but that isn't a reason for ignoring what might be different policies that Conservative Assembly Candidates have for Wales – those differences need to be explored before deciding whether or not to vote Conservative in the Assembly Election.

How this election is decided must be decided on the message that each and every candidate from all parties have for the people of Wales over the next five years.

Plaid Cymru, The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are saying vote for us because this is what we are offering Wales!

Labour's message seems to be Sod Wales; the Assembly Vote has no Importance in its own right, it's just a way of protesting. Labour has form on this attitude.

However you decide to vote, please vote positively for what is best for Wales and vote for the party that can best support your aspirations in the Assembly - not in Westminster!

Don't waste your vote on a, Westminster annoying, game of shitty stick!


  1. For my younger readers shitty stick was a game played in the 1950s and 60's where a group of naughty boys would find a stick, cover it in dog shit and place it on a high wall.

    A small girl (like a little sister), who couldn't possibly reach the top of the wall, would be persuaded to cry that big boys had put her favourite stick on the wall and run away to a kindly adult, who would reach for the stick and get his hand covered in the proverbial. Cue little girl to run away, and naughty boys behind a nearby hedge to laugh like ****!

    It was fun, but had little value and was never worth the beating that came from being caught playing the game! Labour beware!