Assembly Election Unimportant says Gordon Brown

All those Labour Party faithful who have been wearing out their boot leather canvassing support for their discredited party over the last few weeks are wasting their time. Former Labour supporters who haven't yet decided whether to vote or not next Thursday may as well not bother, because the National Assembly election is not important. However Wales votes next Thursday doesn’t matter.

Not my view, but the view of the Labour Party's prospective leader, Gordon Brown who has already conceded defeat and dismissed next Thursdays result as unimportant, because the only election that really counts is a Westminster general election.

These are his own words as reported in today's Observer.

Look, the only result that matters in the end is when it actually comes to a general election and people decide what they want to do.

The best way of showing the patronising git that Wales matters, that Wales is important and that the people of Wales have decided what they want to do is voting for Wales by voting Plaid Cymru next Thursday.

Cymraeg: Hen Rech Flin: Etholiad Cymru'n Ddibwys medd Gordon Brown

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