Welsh Voters are Thick says Labour

As was forecast by Ian Titherington, the Labour party will use the last few days before Thursday's poll for a campaign of dirt, dishonesty and downright lies. They have started this morning with the incredible assertion that Plaid is to freeze all public sector pay for the next four years.

Plaids policy commitments, as Labour knows, are in favour of fair wages and include a pledge for a national living wage that is higher than the minimum wage in the rest of the UK and a promise to fund the nurses' pay rise in full (which Labour has refused to do).

Having failed their attack against the genuine progressive policies that Plaid has put before the electorate they are now desperately trying to invent their own pretend Plaid policies to attack.

Everybody with an ounce of sense knows that Plaid has no policy on freezing anybodies pay and that this is just a lie from Labour's dirty tricks department, who are no doubt grinning like Cheshire cats this morning thinking that they have found a clever way to have a go at their main challengers.

However, it is not Plaid that Labour is attacking with their fallacies and underhand dealing it is the voters of Wales. Labour is telling Welsh people that it believes that they are too thick to see through this ploy, that they are so naive that they will fall for any con trick and that they are so gullible that the won't recognise a lie when they hear one. It is not an opposing political party that Labour is treating with scorn by using these sort of duplicitous campaigning tactics it is every single voter in Wales. I hope that Welsh voters return the compliment next Thursday by treating Labour with the scorn it deserves.

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