Poor Little Me

I must apologise to regular readers for my lack of posts since Sunday, I have been suffering from a nasty dose of the cold and since then I haven't been in the mood for anything other than feeling sorry for myself .

I am not sure who to blame for my poor health. I'm sure that it was the Lib Dem who canvassed me on Friday who spread his germs this way, a dastardly ploy by the Liberals to make sure that all other party supporters are to ill too vote on Thursday thus ensuring them an unexpected victory in Aberconwy perhaps. On the other hand if Rhodri Morgan's government had given more investment to support Cardiff's Common Cold Unit, they would have come up with an instant cure by now.

Anyway I hope I'm feeling up to joining this on Thursday night / Friday morning:

For details of others blogging the election see Blamerbell Briefs.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you feel better by tomorrow so that you can go out and vote.

    Looking forward to a successful day for Plaid.