Blue Blair

Nothing helps sell a book better than a well-placed newspaper story in advance of publication. So Alastair Campbell will, no doubt be pleased that his latest offering has made headlines in today's Observer, with a story that he

has toned down his diaries about life in Number 10 after being asked by friends of the Prime Minister not to reveal that Tony Blair swears like the proverbial trooper.
When the diaries hit the bookshops in July, Blair's clean image will be preserved after Campbell was 'prevailed upon' to tone down his accounts of the prime ministerial language. This means they will not include the time Blair used the c-word to describe a senior Labour figure from the Eighties. He also regularly swore when he felt things were not going in the direction he desired.

Unfortunately I find this story very hard to believe. Firstly because us f***ing Welsh knew all about his swearing anyway, and secondly because you don't preserve a person's good clean image by toning down his colourful language - and then telling the newspapers that you have done so.

The Blair Years is to be published on July 9th at a price to swear about - twenty five quid.

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  1. It really seems like the British people are delusional, if they really care if Blair swears or not -- since he's about to impose wartime police powers on the British people, and destroy their civil rights!

    I'm disgusted that Blair is turning out to be a facist pig like his mentor and hero Bush. Giving the police the abilities to harass innocent citizens is a beginning of the end of British democracy.

    Consequently, I cannot see how if Blair cusses means anything, in light of the tyrannical things he is imposing upon the U.K. as he leaves.

    Please see: http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/europe/05/26/britain.security.reut/index.html