Congratulations Scotland

Many congratulations to Alex Salmond on his election as First Minister of Scotland. He will have a difficult, and sometimes frustrating, task ahead of him trying to govern Scotland without a majority and in the opposition of a Labour Party that has the same divine right to rule attitude in Scotland as it has in Wales.

Alex Salmond is an astute politician and a capable man. I am sure that he will succeed to overcome all the difficulties that the unionists put on his path and that he will transform the government of Scotland to the benefit of the country's people.

As Scotland embarks on one of its most exciting periods in 300 years, Welsh patriots will be very interested in what is happening there. One of the best places to keep up with Scottish political goings on and gossip is the Tartan Hero blog. His latest post includes a video link to Alex Salmond's acceptance speech in Holyrood.

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