Odd goings on in Parliament and Toilets

During a discussion on Single Farm Payments in the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Questions session on Thursday, what might be the oddest question ever asked of a minister was put to David Miliband

Peter Ainsworth (East Surrey, Conservative)
When does he expect to be able to start using the gents toilets at farmers' events rather than the ladies—for fear of meeting angry farmers in the gents—and, finally, does not the fact that he does so show how little he understands the nature of farmers' wives?

David Miliband (Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
I know that a special unit has been set up at Tory central office to track my activities—clearly it is being taken to rather ridiculous lengths—but since the hon. Gentleman asks, and although this may be shocking to the House, at the National Farmers Union I actually used the gents toilets. As it happens, at the gents toilet I met a farmer from Wales who subsequently entered into correspondence with me— [ Laughter. ]

As Agriculture and farm payments are devolved to the Assembly I wonder what the Welsh farmer and the Minister are corresponding about.

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