Effective Opposition

AS the discussion about coalitions and agreements go on, AMs are really faced with just two options. To be part of the Government or to be part of the opposition; or to use Bay speak be effective in opposition.

It is almost inevitable though that a multi party opposition will be ineffective because of its nature. You have three different leaders, rather than one leader speaking with the authority of the whole of the opposition. Situations arise were all opposition parties oppose the government but for different reasons, confusing and weakening the opposing argument, and then there are always times when the opposition splits with one party supporting the government, another abstaining leaving just a small rump of the opposition to oppose.

Despite this there were a few occasions in the last Assembly where the opposition parties proved that they could be effective not just by defeating the government but also by gaining valuable concessions from the Government. On these occasions the opposition parties had to work closely together, work out a joint plan and stick together like glue. However if that is what is needed to be an effective opposition wouldn't it make more sense to use that sort of coalition to be in government?

If Rainbow Government comes into being the opposition will be formed by one party that has a history that shows it can be united and disciplined. If the Rainbow Government happens the Assembly could have the new experience of having a truly effective opposition, rather than one that is just occasionally effective, would a government made up of three very different parties be able to govern effectively under the scrutiny of such an effective opposition?

Cymraeg: Gwrthblaid Effeithiol

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  1. I think the whole point here is the phrase 'new experience'. At last we see Welsh politicians attempting to provide the best solution to a situation created by the Welsh people. Whatever happens it will be of our own making!