Election Coments

Looks like Plaid has won Aberconwy fairly comfortably, but the party's vote is not as good as expected in Clwyd West.

Plaid has also won Camarthen West and that the Tory's have gained Preseli.

Whispers that Plaid are worried in Anglesey.

Scottish PM we Joke has just been re-elected in Whishaw. 6.9% swing from Labour to the SNP

Apparently a boat carrying votes from one of the Scottish islands has sunk and lost all the votes.

If all the rumors that are reaching the BBC are true could Labour have fewer than 50% of the constituency seats for the first time in 100 years?

Apparently Labour now feels safer in Camarthen West - s*#t!

Tories not doing as well as expected in England! Lib Dems being kicked harder than Labour in the English counties.

Labour has just about scraped through in Glasgow Kelvin, no 16 on the SNP's targets - so bad for SNP. Big swing to both SNP and Green, Green vote allowed the Labour party to push through the middle.

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