Plaid, Google and the Doghouse

Since the end of Wales Elects 2007, I miss the Blog Roundups that often introduced me to new blogs with different views. Very occasionally I attempt to add an other blogs on this point addendum to my posts - but it's not the same as Wales Elects impartial roundups use to be.

In trying to find some posts to add to my latest addendum, by naively putting Plaid into a Google blog search, I discovered that Plaid has an English or at least an American meaning that I had never come across before.

Apparently there is a film called Dead Men Don't Vote Wear Plaid

And then there are the porno sites. He ripped off her Plaid skirt, she wasn't wearing knickers…., and then, the wife sees what I'm doing on the computer and can't believe that politics sent me to such a site so she tells me off!

I still don't know what Plaid means in American, I daren't do any more research, can anybody help?


  1. It's plaid (pronounced plad), as in the cloth.


  2. My mam always spoke about Plad I had a plad skirt for school
    or may its "they plaid well" said with a bit of a cardi drawl

  3. Various definitions (diolch i Google)


  4. Its from the Scots Gaelic plaide, a tartan cloth.

    Who needs porn with Betsan's blog

  5. Sorry, here it is as a tinyurl: