Things can only get better in Aberconwy

I am quietly confident that the next AM for Aberconwy will be Plaid's Gareth Jones. There has been some speculation that Conservative candidate Dylan Jones-Evans
could win the seat. This seemed to be a distinct possibility in the early part of the campaign, but from what I hear Euron Hughes the Liberal Democrat is getting a good reception on the doorstep and is taking votes from both Labour and the Tories.

If Gareth fails to win in these circumstances I will be surprised and, from a partisan point of view, I will be disappointed. However that disappointment would be eased a bit by the certainty that if Dylan or Euron were elected the people of Aberconwy would have a much better representatives in Cardiff Bay than we have in the sitting AM who is given this damning end of term report by the Western Mail:
Denise Idris Jones, Conwy, Labour
Comment: Very low calibre. How on earth did she get the party nomination in the first place?

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  1. I totally agree. Gareth Jones has and will make an excellent Assembly Member for the area. Gareth Jones and Plaid Cymru have campaigned for Llandudno Hospital in the area for many years, have opposed and will continue any downgrading of the town's hospital.