Having had to wait for over twelve months for the answer, Rhodri Morgan has, at last, answered the question he refused to answer on Question Time on Feb 3rd last year.

Last year Numpti said he did not have a view on the invasion of Iraq because he was not a member of parliament when MPs voted. Today he said he would probably have voted against the 2003 invasion of Iraq if he had been an MP at the time.

On Radio Wales this morning he maintained the pretence that "he did not know how he would have acted if he had taken part in Parliament’s vote on the war." But added:

he would probably have followed his wife Julie, the MP for Cardiff North, and Kevin Brennan, his successor as MP for Cardiff West, and voted against invading.

Asked about his opinion on the war on the BBC Radio Wales Phone In show, Mr Morgan said: “I don’t say that I would have (voted against). I think I probably would have, but that’s all I can say because if you’re not there you don’t know.

This is a pretty arrogant statement for a politician to make during an election period. In short it says that only MP's can make an informed decision on any subject, because only they are there where the decision is made. The views of those of us who weren't there are merely uninformed speculation and therefore unimportant.

This isn't how democracy works, Numpti. The views of the great unwashed who weren’t there are important, as you will find out, to your cost on May 3rd.


  1. I was wondering when someone would take the bait.

    The strange thing about this story is that his current position is quite understandable. But people will wonder why, therefore, this isn't what he said on QT...

  2. Does he know what he'd have done had he been the Assembly's First Minister?

  3. Next week he'll comment on whether Chamberlain was right :)