(Almost) United against Discrimination

The decision of the four main parties to join together yesterday in a united pledge to fight against discrimination in the Assembly election was an excellent idea. It is believed that this is the first election anywhere in the world where this is happened. I hope that this will become a feature of all future Welsh elections and that other countries will follow Wales' example.

What a shame that two candidates, Peter Black and Martin Eaglestone should mar such an historic and important event by using it take a cheap shot at their political opponents.

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  1. I'm all for democratic parties uniting against parties like the BNP and Respect but how does this square with Plaid's ridiculous we will not serve under a Tory first minister policy? Surely three democratic parties can agree on a joint programme and someone has to be the first minister. If Paisley and Adams can do it....... Trouble is that some on Plaid's daft wing see the Tories as bogeymen yet they're quite happy to work in democracy hating Trotskyite front organisations.