Mebyon Kernow

Wales and Scotland are not the only two Celtic Nations who are taking part in elections at the moment. Elections will also be held in Cornwall, as part of the English local government plebiscite. From what I hear Mebyon Kernow, the The Party for Cornwall is enjoying an exceptionally good campaign with prospects that the party will soon be celebrating its best ever result, Indeed on the parish and town council level MK has already had eleven councillors elected unopposed.

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  1. Best ever results eh!

    Is this the same as up 100% etc

    That is, 40 people voted for them instead of 20.

    By the way, good luck to them I say. I'm merely highlighting the use of words.

    And, No, I didn't follow the link.

    Gwil ap Tomos

  2. MK achieves best-ever election results
    Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has managed its best-ever round of election results following Thursday’s vote for Cornwall’s district and town and parish councils.

    After putting forward its largest number of election candidates (33, of which 24 stood for district council seats), MK won seven district council seats, seventeen town/city council seats and four parish council places.

    Highlights of the election include:

    • CARADON DISTRICT COUNCIL. Callington Mayor Andrew Long won MK’s first seat on Caradon for 24 years. He topped the poll in his town’s three-seat ward with 726 votes.

    • NORTH CORNWALL DISTRICT COUNCIL. John Chapman, in his first contest as an MK candidate, successfully defended his Bodmin St Marys Ward with 800 votes.

    • KERRIER DISTRICT COUNCIL. Loveday Jenkin and Helene Cullimore successfully defended their Breage & Crowan and Camborne South seats, while Stuart Cullimore topped the poll in Camborne West with 759 votes to leave MK with a three seat group on the Council. Sadly, Jane Acton failed to hold her seat in Porthleven & Sithney against prominent independent candidates.

    • RESTORMEL BOROUGH COUNCIL. Party Leader Dick Cole topped the poll in two-seat St Enoder Ward with 859 votes and is joined by Matthew Luke who received the most votes in Treverbyn Ward.

    • TOWN COUNCIL ELECTIONS. MK has maintained groups of five councillors on both Camborne Town Council and Penzance Town Council, with three new councillors also elected to Truro City Council. The Party is also represented on town councils in Callington, Liskeard and Penryn.

    Speaking after the election, Party Leader Dick Cole described the election result as a very good one for MK.

    “We are extremely pleased to have polled well throughout Cornwall. As a small political party, it is a great achievement to win local government seats and we have done especially well to be represented on four of Cornwall’s six district councils as well as a number of town and parish councils. As Party Leader, I would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign of Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall.”

    In the 2007 district council elections, MK put forward 24 candidates of which seven were successful. By contrast, the Labour party put forward 30 candidates in Cornwall of which four were successful while UKIP nominated 27 candidates. Only one was successful. According to the BBC website, the United Kingdom Independence Party won only five council seats over the whole of ‘England’ – less than what MK managed in Cornwall.

    The full list of successful candidates is as follows:


    Callington (Andrew Long).


    Breage and Crowan (Loveday Jenkin), Camborne South (Helene Cullimore) and Camborne West (Stuart Cullimore).


    St Enoder (Dick Cole) and Treverbyn (Matt Luke).


    Bodmin St Marys (John Chapman).


    Andrew Long (Callington Town Council), Mike Champion, Jean Charman, Helene Cullimore, Stuart Cullimore and Alan Sanders (Camborne Town Council), Loveday Jenkin (Crowan Parish Council), Roger Holmes and Martyn Miller (Liskeard Town Council), Ted Dunstan (Penryn Town Council), Richard Clark, Margaret Freeman, Frank Granger, Simon Reed and Phil Rendle (Penzance Town Council), Eileen Carter (Perranzabuloe Parish Council), Dick Cole (St Enoder Parish Council), Matthew Luke (Treverbyn Parish Council), Conan Jenkin, Loic Rich and Cliff Stephens (Truro City Council).

    Well done MK from all at:

  3. In perpective;

    In the 2005 general election, Mebyon Kernow fielded candidates in six of the seven constituencies.

    Their best result was in the Cornwall North Seat gaining 2.4% of the votes, placing their candidate in fifth place. Their candidates came in fifth place in all the seats contested, apart from Kerrier, where they came in seventh.

    In the district elections of 2007 seven Mebyon Kernow district councillors were elected. MK lost one district seat and gained two, a net gain of one.

    This gave them 7 of the 249 seats (2.8% of seats) up for election.

    Mebyon Kernow got around 5 percent of the total vote in these district elections, putting the party in third position behind the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party

  4. "In perspective" is an interesting term. What is in perspective depends on where one stands and what sort of glass one is looking through!

    From a nationalist perspective, Mebyon Kernow did well in May. Matched the SNP and beat Plaid Cymru by having more votes than Labour!

    MK also gained more councillors in Cornwall than UKIP gained in England!

    From my perspective, a bloody good result for Mebyon Kernow!

    The fact that somebody feels the need to rubbish Mebyon Kernow's progress seven months after the event, suggests that the gainsayer is commenting from a prospective of fear of more advances for MK!