Drunken Welsh Bloggers Scandal

Those of you who wake up in the morning avidly waiting for pearls of wisdom from the Welsh Political Blogging Community will be sorely disappointed this morning. It appears that three quarters of the community went out on a bender last night and can't be expected to contribute until they wake up in the late afternoon nursing chronic hangovers.

Shame on you all - you’ve let the side down!

Meanwhile some of us have stayed at home keeping our fingers on the pulse of Welsh politics for our readers delight. Any suggestion that we might be feeling p**d off because we were unable to join the party is, of course, libel and will be strenuously denied.


  1. There's some really pathetic Welsh ego driven blogs out there - arsembly for example - how over-rated is that.

  2. from what I have heard it wasnt exactly a cutting edge meeting

  3. I was too busy watching Cardiff make sure of another season of mid-table mediocrity.

    On the plus side I had lunch for the first time in the Mochyn Du and found it to be most agreeable.

  4. It was fun. I also got to visit the Mochyn Du for the first time, but prior to the Blogger piss-up.

  5. What a pathetic bunch. Stop playing with each other. No wonder that bloke from Cambria is fed up.

  6. What a pathetic bunch. Stop playing with each other