Numpti Morgan

During the last few weeks I have been enjoying the election coverage on the on-line editions of the Scottish papers. Despite very valid comments made by Welsh political observers that Scotland has an advantage over Wales in having its own press, I have been surprised by how unionist biased the Scottish press appears to be.

One of the things that I like about The Scotsman and The Herald is the way that readers can post comments on line in response to any article. The Nationalists are winning the comments war on both paper's sites.

A word that is used often in the comments, mainly to ridicule members of the Labour party, is the word Numpty - such a good word! Today's Observer comments on the word Numpty:

Numpty, according to a survey, is Scotland's favourite word, a great term to describe someone who is an idiot. The Labour high command are behaving like a bunch of numpties as they desperately try to stop the Scottish National party.

Next Tuesday the BBC's Welsh political pundit Vaughan Roderick is to start a Welsh Language political Blogg to rival / compliment his colleague Betsan Powys' offering and that of his anonymous BBC colleague Arsembly. Vaughan has stated quite clearly on the discussion board Maes-E that anybody who uses personal insults will not be mentioned on his forthcoming Blogg. In fear of being blacklisted by Vaughan I have decided not to suggest on this blogg that Numpty would be a good word to use in relation to our beloved First Minister Numpti Morgan.

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  1. I love the word numpty another I have heard recently is twonk...David Milliband was referred to as a policy twonk the other day

    Derogatory term, roughly equivalent to idiot. More insulting than berk, but less insulting that gimp. Urban Dictionary

    n. Brit. informal a stupid or foolish person.
    – Origin 1980s: perh. A blend of twit or twat and plonker.

  2. The blog will be a welcome addition, but BBC blogs are fundamentally flawed in blogging terms because they can't really discuss what unregulated bloggers are saying, nor link up to other sites. In reality BBC blogs are just additional journalist columns, not really blogs at all.